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The story
of Odorelle

Find out how it all started, and how a passion for wellness and health turned our dream into a mission.



It all started in 2016, with the opening of a housekeeping business. Over time, faced with the harmful effects of commonly used chemicals, an awareness has emerged: an undeniable need for purity and freshness.

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The mission

Determined, we chose to explore a new universe, that of essential oils, herbs and natural recipes. Our skills flourished thanks to in-depth training, and it is from this fertile land of knowledge that the seed of Odorelle germinated. Our mission has thus become clear: to create a range of products that respect our health and the ecosystem.

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the adventure

Five years later, it is with enthusiasm that we present Odorelle to you. This journey symbolizes our quest for a purer and more harmonious way of life, where the environment emanates authentic beauty and consideration for nature. We invite you to join this inspiring approach towards a healthier existence.

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“Odorelle is the promise of a purified life where nature and cleanliness combine.”

Danielle Pouliot

Founder — Odorelle
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